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The Droid at a bargain price...


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Dec 5, 2009
Houston, Tx
The Droid at any price is a bargain, relative to pricing of cellphones and computers when they were first starting to catch on... and the early mainframes didn't have GPS, cameras, etc -- nor a fraction of the horsepower that we take for granted today...
Check out the prices below -- much respect to our pioneering forefathers!


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Too funny to think about this.

My first PC was a compaq back in the mid 80s. Had the new 386 chip. a 20mrg hard drive, I upgraded the ram to 512K and a 20meg tape backup, total cost was approx. $9000

My first laptop was an IBM thinkpad when they first came out, total cost $7000

My first Cellphone (also in the mid-late 80s) was one of the Motorola (or Panansonic??, cain't remember) Car phones, with the optional shoulder carry setups the total cost was $1900! Ironically I still have it somewhere, couldn't throw it away after paying that much for it.

Even as late as the early 90s (1991 if I recall correctly) Motorola built me a gadget to plug my cell phone into my laptop to use as a remote control project I built (controlled a complete nightclub lighting, sound, video and security from anywhere on my laptop with real time video) cost me $1500. I still have that it in a box somewhere too.

The Droid at $199 is giveway compared to the old days.
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