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Help The < lesser than symbol


Feb 4, 2011
Hi everyone,

I am new here (57 years young!) and was wondering if someone can help me with my question! I just bought a new sprint HTC EVO 4G cell phone and love it, however, on my old palm pre I was able to text message some of my friends and sometimes would give them the little "heart" sign at the end by using "<3" which I knew that the symbol would turn into a cute little red heart sign when I sent it and my friends would receive it. I can't find the "<" lesser than symbol in my keypad. Any advice on how to get to it? Thanks, I really appreciate it, and I'm happy to introduce myself to you!

Warm Regards,

Lizz :)
Welcome to the forums :). The Evo comes with two different keyboards now, so I'll give you instructions for both since I don't know which one you're using:

default keyboard - press the 12# key on the bottom right -> press the 1/2 key on the bottom left -> the ">" will be on the second row in the middle.

swype - press the SYM key on the bottom left -> you'll see ">" as a secondary character of the ";". Just long press it to get the ">".

EDIT: ScorpDX beat me to it :).
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