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Help The LG warranty.


May 14, 2011
Hello, I was trying to upgrade my LG GT540 to 2.2 and I got lparam 1002 and the phone didn't even turn on.

Can I call LG Support and cook up something like "When I tried to turn the phone on this morning it wouldn't start :thinking:?
Because the phone is so bricked it won't load, it is unresponsive to any button press, it is 100% turned off.

And if they find out it is rooted, can they tell me to pay?

Thanks alot.
You can try. No guarantees.

Yes, but can they slap me in the face for not telling me about the root and saying that I gotta cash out for their "bother" with "fixing" it.

Is there any thread with experiences doing this?
I heard that you can put the phone in the microwaver for 2 secs to fry the phone so it's 100% destroyed.

I'd rather not put my phone in the microwaver. :cool:
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