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The machinations of a Apple fanboi


Pâtes avec votre foie
Nov 4, 2009
The Sea of Tranquility
The Pushup Showdown! - Diggnation

Watch Kevin Rose try to explain why the iPhone and iPhone users are so much better while trying and failing miserably to not directly offend the Android users that make up a growing part of his audience. Priceless. Recently (previous Diggnation episode), he bought an Incredible, then (sort of) admitted it was just to bash on it while waiting for the iPhone 4g to come out. He claimed it had no apps, then as an example complained about text selection??? From this episode.

"Android sells on some low end $99 phones", $99 iPhone 3g anyone?

"iPhone users are all about the apps, Android users are content to use what came on the phone". He tried to make it sound as if the average Android user is less "serious" than a iPhone user. The Android market is growing faster than the iphone store now. I'd be willing to bet my house that there are proportionally more phone geeks and hackers on the Android side than the iPhone. Heck, that statement probably true about WinMo too.

"Android will be a competitor in a couple of years"? Kevin, a couple of years is RIGHT NOW!

Kevin, enjoy your most favorable media fanboi Apple insider status. You've earned it.
I don't care if the Apple App Store has more apps than the Android store, that is a stupid argument. I have an iPhone, and I've been into the App Store a lot, and there is a TON of junk and fluff in there. Thousands of those "apps" are single books, and thousands more are just noise-makers like farts, guns and horns. Yeah, really serious stuff there! Besides, I read somewhere that a majority of iPhone app developers are also making Android apps now too, so by the time my iPhone contract ends and I can switch over to an Android phone, it will be a moot point, as the app stores should have roughly the same apps in both of them.
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He said that the average Android user is less likely to go into the Android Marketplace and start exploring for more apps. This may be more or less true, but to me, why is that a inherently bad thing? If the phone does what that person wants right out of the box, then what's so wrong with that? If anything, that points to a weakness on the iPhone, that Apple can't put basic features already built-in to the OS that people want and rely on others to bring that functionality to the phone.
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