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The most perverted dentist game in 2014


Sep 24, 2014
I like to play some casual games, like flappy bird, running sheep, candy crush and so on, suddenly found a dentist games out a lot, I spent a lot of time playing these games, I feel enough leisure, taste heavy, a lot of such games are very metamorphosis, play a few, did not feel too difficult, to be honest, style and gameplay are surprisingly similar.
Cool Dentist Office which is also worth to play with feeling, different style, but also many kinds of props, can be upgraded, which has a rapid mode, it is really a bit difficult challenge, a test of ability to respond, anyway tried many times, extremely difficult game have to play head games is not long, playing with a child, the child looks faster response than I am. The game also spoof the walter white, estimated to be very fond of Breaking Bad, the background also spoof ingredients, there is what the Transformers, as well Game of Thrones, but also the intentions of the author looks.
Drawback is sometimes too hard, I feel this is a challenge to the limits of human response, lack of concentration, it is easy to fail.
By the way, the game link is



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