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The moto g24 power is here, debuting a massive battery, 30W charging and slim design


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Jul 18, 2010
Constantly on the go, consumers need technology that meets daily demands and makes every moment count. To help users get the most out of each day, Motorola is launching the moto g24 power. Built on a foundation of power efficiency, the moto g24 power delivers a two-day battery1 with TurboPower
302 charging. Despite its long-lasting battery, the device remains slim, lightweight, and is even water-repellent3.

The moto g24 power is packed with a 6000mAh battery that lets consumers go nearly the whole weekend on a single charge.1 Perfect for flights, festivals or late-night streaming, the two-day battery1 makes this device a reliable companion for all kinds of adventures. When users are ready to refuel, TurboPower
302 charging delivers hours of power in just minutes of charging.1,2

When it comes to performance, the 2.0GHz octa-core processor delivers more reliable connectivity and immersive entertainment. To make multitasking smoother and easier, the device comes with up to 84/16GB5 of RAM with the RAM Boost6 feature. RAM Boost6 is available for those consumers that want faster responsiveness and greater performance as it temporarily turns device storage into virtual RAM. Plus, the moto g24 power is backed with 128/256GB of built-in storage,7,8 so users have ample space for their favorite images, videos and more.

Using one piece of material, the design of the moto g24 power flows into the camera housing and reveals a 50MP9 camera with Quad Pixel technology. This combination helps produce more vibrant photos, thanks to 4x better low-light sensitivity. Further improving low-light performance, Auto Night Vision uses AI to automatically detect ambient lighting and adjust settings accordingly. This way, users can rely on preview mode to confidently capture each shot. When getting up close, consumers can access the Macro Vision lens to uncover the smallest details and the 8MP front camera for social-media worthy selfies.

The moto g24 power also offers an extra-bright 6.6” HD+ display that gives consumers full immersion with fewer distractions. Its 90Hz refresh rate makes scrolling through images and web pages even smoother, and when in auto mode10, the screen will adjust from 90Hz to 60Hz10 to save battery life.

To make games, movies and music sound even better, this device comes with stereo speakers and Dolby Atmos® immersive audio. With more depth, clarity and details, Dolby Atmos takes your favorite entertainment to the next level for the ultimate immersive sound experience.

Android 14 out of the box

Additionally, the moto g24 power comes with Android 14. More personal, protected and accessible, Android 14 offers new privacy updates for health, safety, data and usability, including:

  • Data sharing updates that give consumers easy-to-understand information about apps’ data collection and sharing.11
  • Enhanced PIN security recommends that people use a 6-digit (or longer) PIN to strengthen their device security. Users can make the process smoother by selecting the option to unlock automatically after entering the correct PIN.
  • Health Connect, an app that syncs one’s personal health and fitness apps, putting health data all in one place.12 Consumers can access energy burned, blood pressure, step count, exercise routes, menstrual cycles, and more.
  • Improved magnification helps people see their screen better by allowing them to pinch their display to zoom in and out based on their needs.
  • Flash notifications alerts users of incoming notifications through visual light flashes of the camera or screen light.


The moto g24 power is now available across select markets in Europe with a starting MSRP of 159 euros. The new device will then roll out to select markets across Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

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