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The new and upcoming 4G network, will it be available for the Hero?

lol, I really don't want to bust anyone's bubble, but this has to be HARDWARE enabled. If it is not in the phone, you won't have it.

Besides, I am pretty sure, most of us will be holding NEW handsets once the 4G network is put into action.

Just my 2 cents, lol...


For most of us, you're right. However, Sprint currently has 4G up and running in about 30 different cities.
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You will not be able to access the 4G network regardless of where it is installed unless your device has the hardware to receive its signal and handle it's protocol and topology to my knowledge.

But who knows... maybe I'm wrong...

3G = 2Mbps Max
4G = 20Mbps Max...

I can't wait... seeing that 3G is like 6 years old already and reaching its max with the popularity of all the data driven services today. But I'm sure this(4G) will probably be on my next Android phone (Hero II, lol), maybe... I hope. hahaha, oh, and you can be SURE they will be charging more to access this network as well. At least in the beginning anyway.


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