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The road to the development of games or "GameDev - what and what is"

Hello! For the first time I write on this forum)

My name is Roman, I recently started to take an interest in the development of games. Honestly, my way to programming is very strange.

I study at the faculty of the world economy, I never thought that I would be interested in the sphere of IT. But it happened! A year ago I started with studying HTML, CSS, JS. I made several web sites.

 But I didn't like it and decided to look for something new ...

 In general, I decided that it is necessary to deal with the mobile games market, what kind of 'monster' and how to fight it)) The choice immediately fell on several development environments and engines, but I'll tell you about them next time, if you like what I'm writing about.

So, for the time being I will only reveal that I chose C# to write games (I guess someone already guessed which engine I use).

On the first game and the first steps I took a month, in the end I released a simple game that helps 'kill' time)

 I hope someone will be interested in this game, try it. In any case, I will be happy with any of your comments! It would be interesting to hear your opinion, is it worth writing further, what do you want to hear about? To quickly find the game - enter in the search 'Raccoon Fun Kuznetsov' ;)
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