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The Screen Protectors sold at VZW that bad?

The Verizon ones seem to be a bit too big for the screen, so there's always air left on the sides. Mine works pretty well because I have the snap-on cover which just covers the edges so they don't get more detached.
Pretty much this. Except I don't have a cover because they're not compatible with the multi-media dock.

Considering you get 3 protectors and they're pretty easy to remove, I'd say they're worth it for basic screen protection.
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So buy 'em and use 'em 'till I get better ones? Better to have something on than nothing in the interim?

Any other accessories people recommend I pickup at the store? Or maybe I should make another thread...
Yeah, that's my suggestion. But I'll be honest, I care more about protecting my screen than I do about how perfect it looks doing its job.

As far as other accessories, I love my multimedia dock. It makes it so easy to just drop my phone into the thing before I hit the hay, and then I've got my phone easily accessible too, because it's sturdily tilted upright.
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