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Root There has got to be a way to fix this - Bootloop > alternate hard reset > no home or kb


Jul 7, 2013
So I had a Droid X that died on Friday the 5th, my father was able to procure a 2nd hand company phone for me that is this C771. Not being happy with just a working phone, I set out to root, then remove acceptable apps using TB, including the default home and default keyboard. Then I decided to run v6 super charger script. Bad idea. Boot loop, thought I was entirely screwed until I found the alternate hard reset method. Well, now I can get it to boot, get through activation, but when I get to setting up my google account, no keyboard, no launcher, so no account setup, and no pushing an app like TB through the app store. Eventually it will reboot its self and stay in 'initializing', just past the boot animation. I have to hard reset to get anywhere again. Unfortunately the hard reset seems to have removed usb debugging, so I don't know that I can push apps to it through ADB. Is there anything else at all that I can do to fix this? This is what I get for not installing the recovery after I rooted. Please reply.
Holy crap, I can't believe I solved this. I had read through every possible discussion of a solution, and was convinced you guys would come back without an answer considering I didn't have recovery. I was able to very tediously cut and paste my username and 16 character application specific password generated for android, from the privacy policy pages in the account login pane, sign in, and push launcher/keyboard to my device. Currently getting it set back up, and the very first thing I'm doing after root is installing recovery. Guess I'm glad I didn't need you guys help, but I hope that my solution can go towards helping someone else in the future. Whew.
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