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Thinking of buying CC, but...


Oct 2, 2011
This may be a silly question, but I am thinking of trying Chromecast and I jut noticed that I can't see the Cast icon on any of my apps on any of my devices (HTC One, Bionic, N7 2012). I seem to recall the Cast icon has always been there even though I never used it...now that I am thinking of getting the device I can't see the Cast icon anywhere.

Does it only show up when it senses a connected Chromecast device (if so this is somewhat new since I used to see it, i.e. Play Music)...been searching for this answer but can seem to find it out there. Worries me that I my buy it and still never be able to Cast. TIA
I think I remember seeing the same, but I have a Chromecast, and I can verify that I only see the cast button when I am connected to the same wifi network as my Chromecast. So maybe it was an update to the apps to remove it when their isn't a Chromecast on the network? Or maybe we are remembering incorrectly. Either way, you should be good to go once you get it. :)
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i've actually never seen the cast icon unless i'm at home. so that's kinda weird you were seeing it no matter what.

if you want to mess around with Chromecast, go to your local Best Buy. mine has like 4 Chromecasts connected to their TVs. just connect to the Best Buy WiFi, then start sending over stuff to it. :p
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