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This app would sell thousands!!!

Okay, hopefully I have your attention, especially if you are a programer or whoever is needed to create an app.

So, I've had "Smart Phones" for years but never used them to their full potential, more of just the "ha ha, I have a smart phone" kind of usage. Well I'm tired of that and with every one I get I'm always like, okay, I'm going to use this calender and enter in all my appointments and everything. Well, per usual after about a week of entering in all that garbage I just rely on the old think tank up top to remember my crap... usually a big mistake but it's better than sitting there driving down the road, getting an important phone call about an important meeting 2 weeks and one day away or whatever randomness, at such and such time, to talk about this or that... Okay, I can either try to literally write on a note pad while I'm cruisin down the highway going 75, try to type it into my phone and scroll the dates in just right, set the alarms to remind me (blah blah blah) or I can just try to remember to enter it in there the next time I stop... "D@mn, what was that thing I was supposed to punch in my phone.... allwell, musn't have been too important..."

Know what I'm talking about?

So, how about an app that is a "reminder" app that you push 1 button, it says "Please say reminder date." and you reply, "Please say what time" "notification, yes or no" "You can say 5 minutes to an hour in 5 minute sections" "Please say reason for reminder" at which point you say, "Meeting with "X" customer to discuss new details about blah blah blah" or whatever and then when it's time, it pops up and you say "Hey, jee whiz I got a reminder!" at which point it tells you why, either on speaker or through the ear port, or it translates it to text or whatever...

So anyone please, if you think this is a good idea, great, create it lol, if something similar exist, please do share, I'm all ears (or eyes, but you know what I'm talking about).


Hmm, I just realized this might be more usefull somewhere that would better suite this type of question, I have no idea how to move it, but if anyone does, feel free to move it to a better forum section.
OK, I'll take a stab at a summary:

1. You want a to-do application with reminders that can be set up easily via voice command/speech recognition/speech-to-text/voice input.
2. Rather than simple alarms, you want reminders with text-to-speech.

awesomecomb advises that if Astrid were available with voice input and speech output, the resulting product would meet your requirements.

Astrid is a terrific to-do manager. (I like it now that I have it working with Remember the Milk and the Google Calendar.) There are probably other applications that would work for you as to-do applications, but I'm not sure which (if any) offer voice and speech output.
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I'm in the camp that totally hates voice recognition - and I've worked with it on a regular computer a great deal as my mom is now disabled due to being struck by a drunk driver.

As far as my phone goes, I'm okay with text to speech for announcing incoming phone numbers or using it to dial numbers, but I am so much faster on my fingers than I am with voice. But that's just me. :)
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