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Ting will offer GSM service (in addition to CDMA) starting February 2015


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Aug 14, 2013
In a recent blog post Ting announced they will start offering service on both GSM and CDMA networks starting in February 2015. :) They'll continue using the Sprint CDMA network, and based on the GSM coverage map they will be using T-Mobile for GSM with voice & text roaming on AT&T.

You'll be able to use CDMA and GSM phones on the same account and combine usage if you have multiple people/phones. Looks like most unlocked GSM phones will work, T-Mobile phones wont need unlocking, but AT&T phones will. Some newer Verizon phones will also work. Ting has a page to check your phone here for BYOD availability. Here's a GSM FAQ page, and a GSM compatibility/unlocking guide.

If you're switching to Ting:
1. They will pay a portion of your ETF if you're in a contract - 25% up to $75 of your Early Termination Fee.

2. You can also use this referral to save $25 when you join. :)
This could be really awesome. I especially like how my family could (apparently) use a mixture of GSM and CDMA devices. Now if someone would just sell a newer Android phone with a hardware keyboard, for either GSM or CDMA. My Motorola Photon Q (on Ting, of course!) is getting long-in-the-tooth, but I refuse to give it up.
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For better or for worst physical keyboards have gone the way of the Dodo. However a Google search did find the LG Optimus F3Q. Pretty much everything else is a Blackberry.

On the other hand - even my wife has made the move to a virtual keyboard thanks to larger screen sizes and apps like Swiftkey. If she can be okay with it - any one can.
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Now if someone would just sell a newer Android phone with a hardware keyboard, for either GSM or CDMA.

Besides the LG Optimus F3Q mentioned above, the only other recent 2012+ physical keyboard phones I could find that would work is the Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G from T-Mobile, and the NEC Terrain from AT&T (but it's specs are not that good).

I'd also recommend trying a virtual keyboard - test out a friends or one at a phone store, they are easy to get used to :)
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