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Tips of the Day

I thought i started this because there's alot of things you can know from the phone.

If you can login to your phone shell, there are commands you may want to try out and they are useful and handy.

ps command will list processes that are running on your phone.

netstat command is one of my favorite. If you do netstat -a, it will list you the ports that are open and listening. This is important to know because if there's a software that opens a port on your phone. Your phone be be vulnerable.

if you want to monitor your bandwithd usage, you can use iftop command.

Stay tuned for more tips.

P.S. if the display of the command result doesn't fit your screen. You can always do this. Cd to your sdcard first then i.e. ps > psresult.txt . This will spit the output to a file.


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