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tnkgrl: No Nexus MultiTouch, Hands On Impressions


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Apr 12, 2008
A little birdie named tnkgrl has been tweeting her heat out about the Nexus One which she has been playing with and apparently all the attention led to a full blown post on her blog. In the post she provides a bunch of bullet points on her overall impressions of the device and they [...]

What I want to know is, where are the people who said that the Nexus One is a myth...c'mon, come out...show yer selves, LOL!

Seriously. For something that doesn't exist, it sure is getting a lot of real-world touchy feely. Houston, we have lift off!

BTW, Tnkgrl came through just as I was about to jump off the wagon. I was getting weary of the rumors in the wild.

Phandroid - You're the best!!! I keep it locked here.
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the myth is of a carrier independent VOIP phone that will "change the world as we know it."

It's just another new HTC phone for t-mobile.

Very interesting. However, the protocol is VoIP, meaning wherever you have internet access ostensibly you can get service.

We forget that Google is a wireless provider! The city of Mountain View is a recipient of its free wireless service. San Francisco was to have been another gifted city but somebody dropped the ball. :rolleyes:

Back to Nexus One. Now that we have ability to provide service out of the way, we can safely assume that there will be a roll-out of service across the nation as they cut deals with various cities.

So you see, it's not a myth. Ask the residents of Mountain View California. Google does WiFi...for FREE! - We must also remember that Google has always had a plan and it didn't start with last week's Android rumor!

There are existing VoIP phone services who provide flawless call quality to their subscriber base...even to businesses. Packet 8 comes to mind (8x8).

So, Voip has grown up before our very eyes and is now poised to (dare I say it?) be a game-changer.

The one thing that we have not heard about is call quality on the Nexus One. We've only heard about the physical attributes of the phone. This will be the telling of the tale. I'm all ears.;)
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