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Traded in my Devour for a Droid X


Feb 10, 2011
I figured I'd post my story after seeing so many here on these forums.

So with Altel merging with AT&T in my area, and with me wanting to get out of my shitty phone plan and upgrade to a smart phone, I took a look on craigslist for a smart phone. - Ended up coming accross the Devour, it looked nice, found some decent reviews on it, and sadly never came accross these forums at first.

I purchased it for 100$ and was going to use it for google voice until I could afford a data plan with Verizon. And thats where the problems began.

Started to root the phone, swearing that I saw somewhere there was an 2.1 update for Devour. Boy was I wrong. after hours and hours of searching on this forum and everywhere else, I was pretty devastated. Specially after hearing so much bad about this phone. Noticed that my devour, like many, was restarting at random a few times a day and just found the phone slow overall and not the best. I felt like I had wasted my 100$ and rushed into this.

I had found some hope here though, I noticed that alot of people where trading in their phones for a LG Ally, a Droid or at best, a Droid 2, the phone that I had originally wanted.

Seeing as I bought mine off craigslist, I figured it was a longshot to try, but went for it anyway. I went into Verizon with someone that had an account with Verizon who had activated the phone on thier account to seem a bit more legit with everything, and what a terrible day to do so, seeing as its iPhone release day. The rep was rather rude, was of no help, said that I could trade the phone in for a value of 20$ or pay 90$ for a replacement phone by calling X number. Heart sank a little to hear this, but I had one more idea. I walked out of the store and called tech support.

I had a hard time explaining the to rep how I obtained the phone and why there wasn't any record on my account for it. But after 40mins of convincing her and talking to her about the Devour I succeeded and was given some options for what phones I could get. I had pretty much the choice from any phone that Verizon had to offer. There was a small fee based on the phone, but can't really complain when you can choose from any phone there.

I ended up choosing the Droid X of course, what else would you go for? And this isn't a refurbished one, its brand new with overnight shipping. This costed me 140$ + I get to keep the Devour because of the inconvience I had with it and the bad reps that I've talked to in the past.

So overall, I bought a shitty devour, and for a little bit more I now get a Droid X. In the end, I'm pretty happy.
What # is it that you called? I've been trying to get rid of this piece of junk for weeks now. I wrote a letter to the CEO of Verizon, who had some lady call me and proceed to tell me it's a manufacturing problem and to take it up with Motorola.

I forwarded the same email to Motorola, who told me the Devour simply wasn't going to get any software updates. They'd swap it for a Droid for $175.

I hate this phone. The thought of being stuck with it for another 14 months makes me ill.
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What the Devour needs is an active ROM hacking community, either to force CyanoGen or Gingerbread on this thing. Motorola and/or Verizon have forced our hand, now our hand just has to do the work.

For the moment, rooting the phone and removing the bloatware seems to help greatly with stability. Combined with control freak apps like JuiceDefender and Autokiller the phone is actually quite bearable.
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