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transfer video less than a minute to laptop


Apr 8, 2023
how do i transfer very short videos from note 8 to my laptop to then be sent in an email to one recipient?

is onedrive my only option

i woul like something very simple even if it is not the most currently used technology.

i don't really use the phone except as a back up way to get online if something happens to my laptop. I don't take photos or videos except in rare cases so i don't need anything complicated. this is a video to send to the local Dept of Environmental Protection to report a noise violation

thank you
it says it's too big to email even from my laptop

Yeah, email can usually only handle 20-30 Mb attachments. So you'll probably have to use a cloud service like DropBox, OneDrive, MediaFire, Google Drive, etc. And email the URL to your recipient. Or upload to YouTube, but mark the video "unlisted", so it won't show in anyone's YT searches.
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i can't find my OneDrive on my laptop. I may have deleted it if that is possible?

i just downloaded MS onedrive from the MS store. I know that is obviously not Google One Drive. will that do

It is a Windows app, so it can be deleted or re-installed. I'm sure you can use MS OneDrive, as you can use Google Drive, but mark the file as "public" or "shared", otherwise your recipient won't be able to view or download it.
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what about google photos? as long as your google account gets sync'd so does your photos.

go here on any browser and sign in to your google account:

you can then just download the photos to your computer.
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