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Transferring Contacts from Old Phone


Dec 15, 2009
My wife and I just recently got a Droid Eris and I took my old phone (Blackberry Curve from T-mobile) into Verizon yesterday to get all of my old contacts synced over to my new phone and it purged all of my existing gmail emails and accounts saved on my computer at home by putting all of my "new" phone contacts into google accounts opposed to phone accounts on the Eris instead. The person at Verizon didn't know how to undo this and she said they didn't give her an option as to where to import the phone contacts into either "phone" or "google". I now lost all of my existing gmail contacts and now everyone on my old phone shows up in my contact lists on Gmail. It's frustrating to have my Grandma show up in Gmail when she doesn't even have a computer. Another thing that irks me is now people's nicknames that were in my old phone now pop up into the "To" fields of Gmail when I try writing them e-mails. Any idea on how to switch everyone from a google account to a phone account from the Eris?


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