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Help Transferring Photos/files without losing date?


Feb 13, 2016
Exactly as said, I want to transfer all my old photos and files to my new phone but when I do the creation date will be set today and hence all the photos in "Gallery" will be jumbled up because they have the same date and time. Is there a method for this? I have tried putting the files into RAR, but for some reason when I extract the files on my LG G4 the dates still become changed. Previous phone was an Xperia Z1, both not rooted, both using the app RAR to extract and stuff

From further testing, I have found out that
1) Extracting images that was taken with the Z1 Camera had a correct time stamp within the file somehow that allowed Gallery to place it correctly, despite having a wrong file creation date
2) Extracting images on xperia Z1 yields the correct date and time of when the photo was received but extracting the same images from the same file on LG G4 gives a creation date and time of when it was extracted
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The creation date is a standard EXIF field and should not be altered after capture, as it is intended for use in cataloguing images; the "date modified" field, otoh. exists to track edit history and will be changed whenever the file is copied/edited.

From your description it sounds as if the G4 is incorrectly interpreting the "modified" date as the "creation" one. Unless the stock LG Gallery app has different sorting options, all I can suggest is to try alternatives from the Play Store.
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