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Transferring photos/ music to phone from PC


Jan 1, 2017
Ever since I've had my Android Moto G5 I've transferred photos etc to my PC by swiping down and selecting the transfer option from the drop down list. For some reason that list has now disappeared.
I've recently changed from Windows 10 to 11 but this was happening before I changed so I don't think that is relevant.
Please advise me how I can get my options back.
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as far as photos go, why not use Google photos. as long as you allow photos to sync with your google account your photos should be backed up to the cloud. you can then just hop on your computer and log into google photos and download the photos you want on your pc.

music is a different story. as @AugieTN has asked, how are you connecting to your pc and the phone?
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Ah, That's happened before with charging problems but I sussed it out myself then. Never thought it could be the same thing but it worked.
Thanks very much, these things are so aggravating. You'd think a cable would work forever.

Make sure you disconnect the USB cable by pulling on the connector and NOT the cable itself.
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