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Help trouble connecting Samsung Moment to Windows 7


May 17, 2010
okay this is whats going on:
i plug my Moment into the the usb port and i get no notification - windows 7 isnt recognizing it

what i have tried:
debugged, and rebugged restarted, removed the battery
ive tried windows 7 x64 and x86, win XP - not recognized by any

when i plug my phone in, it gives me a notification that its charging... what is wrong here?
I hade made this tutorial see if it helps you out I am not sure why it was not made a sticky in these forums since it's one of the most common questions asked.


that video was done very well, but at 4:30 it shows what to do if windows 7 gives a notification that it cant be installed. i never get that notification, windows 7 doesnt show any sign that i even plugged anything into the usb port. have you seen this before?
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I run Windows 7 x64 and had no problem connecting to the moment when I updated to the DD03 and DD10 leaded updated to 2.1, but when I tried to install the official Sprint 2.1 update, I had to remove the drivers for the moment (even though they were version 5.2 or something and Sprint says you only need to do that if they are 4.x and lower), and then rebooted comp, reconnected and the Moment was recognized right away.
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So does 2.1 fix this problem? I have the same issue. I have tried debug on/off, mount, all of that. The phone makes two chimes really quickly, almost like it is turning something on and off so fast that the computer can't catch it?? The computer never registers that there is any device there at all.
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