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Help Trying to connect Pixel 6 Pro to My Wi-Fi

jan Graves

Dec 4, 2021
I just got a Pixel 6 Pro and T-Mobile was of no help setting it up. I would like to get as much data as possible from my previous phone -LG8 Thin XQ. T-Mobile was too busy to do the data transfer so sent me home to do it myself. Told me to use the Copy My Data app. To do that I need to be connected to WI-Fi. Every other phone I have had connected easily to my Wi-Fi including a new One Plus T-Mobile lent me for two weeks. The Pixel 6 Pro will not connect. I just get "unable to connect - try again". And - yes - I am absolutely certain I am entering the correct password. Are there some advanced options I need to set? I have attached what info I can get by signing into the modem. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated because the phone also has an update waiting to be installed.


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My modem says 2.4 ghz. Other new 5g phones are able to connect to it.

These are two different things.
5G as you refer to it is cellular connection.

Wi-Fi can be 2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz.

Be sure that you are connecting to the correct frequency.

Sometimes my newest device tries to connect to our router via 5 Ghz and it is horrible.
(Our router does both, but 5Ghz is terrible here.)
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Thank you for your reply. Yes - my wi-fi is 2.4 ghz. I changed the Pixel to use 2G and tried connecting to wi-fi and it still will not connect. Looking at the connection info on another phone which connects it says Security - WPA2 PSK for the wi-fi connection. Not sure what that means or if it could be a problem? Thanks again..
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No - that did not happen. T-Mobile put the sim card in it and then asked for my Google password. They installed an app called CopyMyData. Then told me they could not get the app to work because their network was too busy. Said to come home and do it. But you have to be connected to wi-fi to use the app. My Google contacts did sync when I connected to my pc with my charging cable. Otherwise I had an out of the box Pixel.
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