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TV connected to your PC set up.


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Dec 26, 2010
I had this set up for a few years already and I do not regret it.
I have a 46' LG tv connected via HDMI to my PC. I run it at 1280x720 resolution and picture is great. I had to spend extra $100 on a good range wireless mouse and keyboard, but again, it's well worth it. If I want to play anything, such as movies, games, photo's or anything, I just have a huge screen for it. Because of it I do not have a cable TV which is a saving of at least $70 (well of cause I don't count triple pay promo plans) a month. It's funny, because whenever I visit someone, I have a smile on my face every time I watch that new Geico or Budlight commercial that came out 2 months ago. And I'm not annoyed by tv ads, it are actually really entertaining.

I've been talking to a few friends, I told them how wonderful it is, but everyone reject the idea for some reason. Anyone I met, are surprised by the fact that I have my PC always connected to my TV. I've never met anyone who actually has this set up at home.

Does anyone else here use their TV as computer monitor? Share it please :rolleyes:
I have my 37" HDTV Westinghouse connected to my '05 Mini Mac and use it as my entertainment system. It is connected to the TV's vga port, but for some reason, I couldn't get the hdmi working. It may be because it's the first gen mini mac. I also use a wireless KB & Mouse. I find it pretty nice to surf the internet using a large screen. The bigger the better for these old eyes!
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