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Two questions about gaming on our phones


Mar 17, 2011
Recently, i've been trying to get good games for the SG3, but have not succeeded when it comes to higher-end ones, such as the ones from Gameloft. However, i've seen some videos on Youtube showcasing the LG Optimus GT540 and Samsung Galaxy 5, both which are inferior in terms of CPU to the SG3, playing HD games like Raging Thunder.

How is this possible? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that CPU and GPU were the main factors when it came to Android Gaming? This also brings me to my second question: if I update my phone to 2.2 Froyo, will I be able to play some of the higher-end games?

I'd appreciate any help at all.

I've been playing higher end games such as Heavy Gunner 3D, and I guess you could call Angry Birds Rio and Fruit Ninja graphically intensive.

You do notice some lag in random parts. But that's alright for me. Angry birds is the worst though. Constantly slowing down.

I knew it wouldn't be a gaming phone, but the capabilities on it are rather tiny. I wouldn't expect major gaming on this device. Sorry to say :(
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