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Types of music you like and...


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Nov 1, 2009
So Cal
What are your favorite links (ie. bassdrive for DNB). I want to try new music streams as Ill listen to a vast majority of music. If it catches my ear I'll listen.

This coud be a great thread for people to find new music and the streams that direct you to it.

My favorites are Hard rock,House and Drum n Bass, I use Droid live and Cherry radio. Both are great apps.
Dude, I love House. It's primarily what I listen to whilst commuting to school, and during my free time. Droid Live has just gotten better with each update. The only thing that sux is that there isn't a full version of the newly updated droid live for Android 1.5. Anyway, Here are a few links of stuff I dl and listen to directly through my Hero:

Lollipop Unwrapped
HardCandyMusic.com - pop, electronic + indie music.


Ps. Oh, and def check out the boystown live channel on droidlive
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