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UK Betting App

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I've searched and searched and searched, and I can't find anything about this on the forum or the web in general.

Is anyone in the process of developing an app which will work with one of the main online bookies? Bet365, bluesquare, ladbrokes etc?

I find even using the WAP version of their websites is hard work. I used to have a SE phone which I could get a java app for from bet365, but my Desire won't work with it.
If there is a java application that you wish to run on your Android system, you should Install a little application called java/j2me runner. With java/j2me runner, you can install those java applications as .apk's and they are rendered in exactly the way they're coded.

I used it to download the Subcard java application from the Subway website :)

Links: market://searchq=pname:com.netmite.andme
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