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Unable to call out with GV


Jul 31, 2009
Plano, TX
I am having issues with calling out with my GV number. I am with Verizon and everytime I try to make a call, a Verizon prompt comes on saying that the call cant be completed. I have searched the forums here and havent seen my issue posted.

Is anyone else having this problem? I remember getting a GV update last week and then the problem started. I was able to call other states and countries before the update.

I have tried to log out of GV and in and that doesnt work either. :(
Which app are you using? My buddy got an Eris a week or so ago and we ran into this same problem. I tried setting his phone up with the unofficial GV app to dial out and we kept getting this same Verizon error message. The app works fine on my droid. If he dials manually of course it works ok. He's an impatient sort so we didn't spend much time trying to debug.
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I am using the official Google Voice from Google. I just uninstalled it then rebooted the Eris, re-installed GV and went through the motions and still the same thing. This is getting to be a tad annoying. I have the option where it prompts me which service I want to dial with or without GV and I choose with GV and get the same Verizon prompt. Will keep tinkering with it.
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