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Unlimited, Talk, Text and Data for $30 at MetroPCS

Starting tomorrow, MetroPCS will be offering a plan for $30 that includes unlimited voice/text/Data. The first 250 MB will be on 4G and the rest on 3G. Those us of who are on the grandfathered plans, we will never see 4G at Virgin unless we upgrade to a newer plan. Thus this is a great alternative. I am currently using an Optimus Elite that is giving me mostly 2G and no connections. The offer is only available in their retail stores and not online. I just hope they offer good phones to use with their service.

MetroPCS to Launch $30 LTE Plan Tomorrow | Prepaid Phone News
The issue I see is that MetroPCS, at least last I heard, doesn't actually have 3G -- their 3G speeds are actually 2G (max of about 250 kbps).

Granted, Sprint/VM 3G speeds in some areas aren't a lot faster than that but, if you are in an area where you get the 1MB 3G speeds on Virgin you will find that Metro after 250 MB will be similar to the speeds you get on Virgin after being throttled at 2.5 GB. Then again, you mention in your area you are getting 2G speeds on VM anyway, so it might be a decent deal for you.
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Based on my personal and friends' usage in New York City 5 boros and Hudson County of NJ, the only service providers I would even consider switching are TMobile and Verizon. ATT speed and coverage here in NYC is worst of the big 4. There are blind spots even in the middle of Time Square for ATT!!! My wife is on ATT (through her work). Her 4G is at best 1mbps. A few times I used my wife's phone, and I got an "all circuits are busy". This is in my apt located right outside Midtown Tunnel and the calls were placed after 8pm. Her 3G is no better than my VM. MetroPCS is ok in NYC from south of Harlem and down to Wall Street area. Outside of this, it's hit or miss.
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I just switched my cell phone company from one of the big boys at $325 a month for 2 phones and a tablet, to a new carrier for $98 a month with a WiFi hotspot. No Contract, No Credit Check. I get unlimited talk, text and data on a 4g network.

Is $98/month for one phone or two? Also which carrier is it and are you happy with the service?

I think people should be more than willing to make a switch to get better rates/service. That is one of the benefits of no contract. I realize that it can be inconvenient to switch.

In regards to MetroPCS, I checked their phone selections and although they are all 4Gs, they are not the best.
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