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Unlocked Phone to Cricket - Tethering?


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Dec 26, 2011
San Antonio, TX
I'm just wondering if anyone's unlocked their phone (ZTE Zmax Pro) and bought the Cricket SIM kit and tethered using the unlimited plan?

Does our device allow you to tether, without popping up the provisioning dialog box, or do you have to use a third-party app like PdaNet to USB tether?

I know it depends on the device... what's why I'm asking. Some devices don't have tethering crippled or a provisioning option in the build.prop can do it.
Has anyone tried ?
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Have you even checked to see if it supports all the bands that cricket/sprint supports?

Since there is no root you will have to use pdanet if normal tether does not work.
Thanks? This phone is perfectly capable of Crickets bands. Also FYI, Cricket is a subsidiary of AT&T (LTE bands 2 and 4 supported) and not Sprint with whom Boost and Virgin Mobile are subsidiaries of... Sprint's LTE bands are not supported by this device. :]
Since we can create APNs (to stop tethering check/add DUN) I don't think there should be an issue getting around the provisioning since I had created my own APN when tethering before and it seemed to stop the carrier check.

I would still like to know if anyone here took their unlocked Metro ZTE zMAX Pro and used the Cricket SIM kit and unlimited plan and is enjoying the freedom of hotspot beyond 8 gigs? I will spare the $10 and buy one from Walmart and try. I thought someone here had mentioned it before and I was wondering if they could weigh in with results?
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After a lot of frustration, reboots, and calls to tech support I'm on Cricket's network with my ZMax Pro.

4G LTE works without any problems or drops. In a call it switches to 3G so there's no VoLTE. Most importantly the Hotspot works flawlessly.

It's nice to not see "MetroPCS" randomly scrolling on the top left. The "cricket" doesn't move...
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