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Nov 3, 2009
I thought it would be interesting if people listed little detials that they notice about the phone that other might not of notcied. I got one myself that I thought was pretty cool once I noticed it.

If you look at the optical trackpad in the right light, you can see that it is actually red to match the accents of the phone.

really big pictures to try to capture it. It was really hard to get the right lighting to reflect the color back.


Its a lot easier to see in person, just try to get light into it and it will glow red.
I believe the trackpad is just glowing cuz of the oils over the lens or something mine seems like a shiny black but if you mess with it in the light it will shimmer the oil look and you can see a clear look from optical...

Oil? huh. I noticed it when outside in the sun today. its was completely red. it gets really dark in low lighting though.
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