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Help Update at the store or at home?

...and/or only have access to a computer that Steve Jobs owns but lets you use for a price...

Ah, a Mac fan among us! :)

The installation process is relatively idiot-proof (always exceptions, I know). It will walk you through every step. Do each one when you're told to do it, don't try to short-cut the process, have a little patience, and the upgrade will go easily for you, and in just a few minutes. Your battery doesn't have to be at 100%, but it shouldn't be on the brink of dead, either.

A quick helpful hint if you do it at home: If you upgrade on your own, and notice the phone is taking much longer to power-on right after doing the update, don't panic. I noticed that the first boot time is almost twice as long as it normally is. After the first, things will get back to normal.
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I was wondering if it would be better to update my moment to 2.1 by going to the store or doing it at home on my laptop. opinions, insight?
If you're asking this question, do what I did. I took mine and my wifes to a Sprint store that has a service center and had it done. Half hour or so, and not once having to do anything, I had my phones back updated and don't have any of the headaches that I've read some others who've done it themselves having. I have my phone for both work and to enjoy using, others have theirs to also play around with and enjoy, to each their own. Do what you're comfortable with.
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