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Help update Samsung moment to 2.1 Issue

OK guys here's my issue. first i had a palm pre.... it was crap, worst phone ever, went through 4 in less than 6 months. anyways i got a samsung moment as a replacement phone, the problem is i didn't get a USB data cable, and of course its proprietary, so i cant use one of my many other Mini USB cables.
now that the android 2.1 is out i cant update it, i could go out and buy a $20+ cable but that wont make any sense cause im just going to upgrade to the EVO when it comes out.

so is their anyway to update the phone without a USB cable???
a Google search came up with no answers :(
Indeed. I'm going to have to agree on that one dude. I'll back you mrmojoz.

Just a hint: look at post count before you snap back at someone; if they have a decent amount of posts, it usually means they've been around the block at least once.

The Moment USB connection is NOT in any way, shape, or form, proprietary. It is slightly miss-shapen, yes, I will say that. I've had the phone. I know what you're thinking, but you are indeed, sir, wrong. It is a standard micro-usb connection port. Look at the phone charger you're using. It's a micro-usb end. Did you ever notice this before posting, or were you just going assuming it was proprietary.

As for updating it, the update option that was put in the phone with the CL14 software update is useless. Sprint has said more than once that they cannot (will not) put out updates for our phones over the air, unless they're of a ludicrously small file size. You have two choices:
1) Listen to us, use a standard micro-usb cable, find out we're right, and update at home in approximately 15 minutes.
2) Blindly ignore us throwing the answer in your face, wrapped in fluorescent glowing radioactive tape, and make the drive down to your local Sprint repair center to sit around for about an hour and a half and hope that they're smart enough to know either how to update the phone, or smart enough to know that there is the update. I don't think they're going to do the update though, as it was just recently announced online, but you can try anyways, which I'm sure you will.

Sorry to sound like an ass hat here, but ignorance sets me off. I'm still ticked in a way as I type these sentences, but I'm going to hold off any more backlash.

Also, welcome to the forums!
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PS - It's the same cable that came with your Pre...

Wow, thats even better. :D
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