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URGENT PLEASE HELP. Picture Messaging stopped working after update.


Android Expert
May 28, 2010
Cheshire UK
Hi Gang.

Okay so this maybe a problem unique to my Desire, as I installed a custom baked 2.2 ROM from MoDoCo.


Ever since I did my update last week, I'm failing to receive picture, or movie messages. All I get in the message is the text to whatever has been sent, and a "Download" button. When I click the button nothing happens. The working icon comes up, and spins, but nothing else.

Has anyone else had this issue?

All I know is it was working fine before I rooted, and installed this new ROM.

Thanks in advance



Okay according to the HTC site, I should have "Maximum message size" in my MMS settings, along with a few other settings. This one, and another setting, "Priority setting" are missing from the options. Does anyone know if they are in 2.1?

Tried anything on this thread
bar a factory reset. But no joy.
I'm also finding I cant send pictures either.


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