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Help USB activates with Car Charger but not Computer

I'm very confused by this problem and I've tried nearly everything short of a factory reset to fix it.

The Problem:
When I connect my phone to my computer via the USB cable all it does is charge. I've tried it on at least 3 different computers and recently installed the driver software on my main computer, and still nothing.

The Confusing Problem:
When I connect my phone to my car charger the USB options come up - choosing between Media Player or Mass Storage Device. This is the USB setting I have on my phone; I've tried changing it, and still nothing.

I have no earthly idea why this happens.
Any help?
I didn't think my cable was the problem at all. The one I have is a replacement for the original because it stopped working a few months after I got the phone. When I went back to the store, an employee told me that they stopped making the particular model of cable I had. So he gave me another cable and told me it would work "just as well as the original."

Little did I know, until last night when I looked at the fine print on it, that it's an LG cell phone cable, not a Samsung. Great. Thanks for that link, I'm buying it right now.

As for the car charger, a friend told me that it probably was a connection problem within it. But as it works just fine, I guess I'll just have to deal with the annoyance of my phone doing that everytime I plug it in to my car.

Thanks for your help.
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