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Accessories Verizon branded Anti Glare Display Protectors

I just received the verizon branded incredible anti-glare display protectors in the mail.

Does anyone have any experience with these so far? I do not want to open them if they are junk and instead return them for a case.

I have already tried the basic display protector they have. These anti-glare ones only cover the screen as well. My only gripe with that is you feel the edges when handling the phone not like if the protector covered the whole face.
I used the normal ones and they are crap, I wouldn't think their anti-glare protectors will be of much better quality. Also keep in mind that you'll lose clarity, which is one of the big pros for this phone, with the anti-glare types.

My suggestion would be to go with a crystal Steinheil. I put one on the other day and I really like it. It handles smudges/fingerprints better than the standard Verizon screen protectors (and covers almost the whole front face).
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I just got a 3-pack today and I wouldn't recommend them. They darken the screen and make everything look pixelated. They also have this weird tacky feel to them where you can't really slide your finger across them as smoothly. And here's the best part, they don't do crap to prevent glare or reflection. I pretty much paid $12 for another microfiber screen wipe.

Fortunately I still had one an original screen protector left over to put back on my phone from when I first got it.
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