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Verizon Leather Cover

If it's the one that I have it is a silicon/gel case. It has texture like leather but feels more like rubber. It covers the camera button and volume rocker but is soft enough that you can press those buttons through the case. It snaps on and will come off but it's not easy.
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I have the leather case from Verizon. It's held up pretty well. Strong metal clip covered in leather.

The leather feels like real leather (but not high quality obviously). The velcro is pretty strong, but i wouldn't expect this to last more than 1.5 years or less.

Definitely not hard plastic, but it is stiff to hold its form, which is a good thing for slipping the phone in and out. The leather is supported internally by what feel likes strong cardboard. The inside lining feels like polyester or some other material, but it protects the screen and camera well enough.
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It's pretty nice. It adds a little bit of thickness to the device but nothing horrible. At first, it felt like plastic with a leather texture on it but after a few days of use, it just sort of "wore in". Now it feels like real, slightly padded, leather. It's a nice case. I've included some pictures for ya... the last one seemed a decent way to show thickness since I don't have a way to measure it right now.

My one complaint with this cover: the speaker cutout is WAY bigger than it really needs to be... as flimsy as that metal is, just a central exposed area would have been better (imho).

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yeah my buddy got one for his droid. Didn't look to bad and protects the phone. I thought I saw it for $16.99 when I was returning my body glove one after it messed up my droids case. I can't remember if it covered anything that it wasn't suppose to. I would rather have one of these cases cause I drop my phone, but I'm skerd that I will mess my droid again. Right now I just have invisi armour on it, but that will not safe it from a drop.
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