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[Verizon] [rom]jbsourcery v5.4-lte[06/07/13] jb4.2.2 The Final Call


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Jan 3, 2011
Statesville NC
JBSourcery Version 5.4 Release
Galaxy Nexus


New featuring JDQ39-4.2.2_r1​

Release Information:

Final release of Sourcery.....
This will be supported and bug fixes will be released

1) Download Rom and Gapps to your Phone​
I knew it... Just as soon as I got my phone "right" you drop this on me. Downloaded it about 6 am Texas time.. Full wipe and factory reset flash then spent all day setting my phone back up. Worth the work.!!! Buttery does not do justice to the slickness of this ROM. So far, Zero bugs/issues noted after over 12 hours of heavy use. Seamless and unlike the other JB roms. Everything, Everything... EveryThing! in this works.. Period.
Thank you Team Sourcery!
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I'm still seeing a mix of blue/white icons on the nav bar options menu but now 3 of them are blue and only 1 white (4th icon which is search). I don't use Tapatalk so other than that, I'm having zero issues. I just switched today from the pre-release but I was getting stellar battery life, I'm hoping and expecting that will be the same. Great rom, thanks for all the work thus far. Without a doubt it's my daily.
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Sorry guys lots of changes with JB.. replaced the 3.0 (old stuff) with new 1.0 JB this should fix it for you. it fixes all the distortion for sure. we are looking at the other mods in there and will remove them until we can redo them if they are causing problems.

thanks we just cant catch everything in the 3 gigs of mods :)
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all, anyone having issues seeing pics from their own sdcard.... here is a helpful post from id on a rootz thread of ours

Most of the missing media (pictures, ringtones, etc.) problems are caused by a bug in the previous version of ROM Manager.

It mistakenly dropped a .nomedia file onto the root of your sdcard.

Just get the latest update to ROM Manager from playstore so it doesn't happen again, then delete /sdcard/.nomedia, go to manage apps and clear data in media storage then reboot to rerun your media scanner and all should be back to normal.

FYI, the .nomedia file hides any folder (and sub folder) it's in from the media scanner (meaning android can't find it) so you want it in most of the folders it's in (like temp folders) to keep junk out of your gallery. But u don't want it on the root of your sdcard for obvious reasons. :)
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The torch toggle sometimes takes 2-3 times before it starts working. After that, it'll work with each cycle of the toggle until I reboot. Then it's hit and miss for the first few presses again. Anyone else notice this or no?

Didn't try that until I read your post. Mine does the same thing and once after 3 taps to turn it on, the only way I was able to turn it off was to reboot. The app color flashlight works perfect tho... dint have to pull down the menu, just hit the apps icon on my home screen... quicker.
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no but give them enough time and they will include it. I believe they will update everything in sourcery tools and there you will find some new things. (I believe anyway)
these guys are very good at what they do, just need to give them some time to include it.

cool cool, once i get that and find a kernel that runs low temps and gives me good battery i think i'll be good for a while.
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cool cool, once i get that and find a kernel that runs low temps and gives me good battery i think i'll be good for a while.

Won't work on the stock kernel. You'll need to flash a custom kernel. I've been using the newest Leankernel and it pairs great with this rom. Excellent battery life as well.

have you tried iowabowtech's recommendation as far as kernel wise?

it may take some time, as you will need to experiment with each individual one
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