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Root [Verizon] The software installed on this device is not authorized by Verizon, please take your phone to VZW...


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Jun 11, 2011
So I tried to install the Deodexed 4.3 google rom, all seemed to have went well, I followed all directions to a "T" and I got an error message when I rebooted the phone saying, "The software on this device is not authorized by Verizon Wireless, please take your phone to the nearest Verizon store immediately."


Luckily I backed up the stock rom, and am right now reinstalling it. hopefully it will restore without fail...???

any input???
I trust you on that, but the information from that link says galaxy S4. are there different models of the s4 based on carriers or something?

Yeah, there's about 7 or 8 different models, mostly based on carriers. The I-9505 model that the rom is meant for is the unlocked international S4. Your Verizon version is the I545. There pretty similar hardware wise except for the radio firmware for cell signal is different. Also, the S4 on AT&T and Verizon have their bootloader locked to prevent the device from booting up roms, kernels, or recoveries that don't pass a signature check that it's authentic software. That's what happened when you flashed the I-9505 rom to your device. It didn't contain the signature that will allow the bootloader to load it correctly. However if you restore your stock rom nandroid, or reflash a stock rom through odin, your device will be fine.
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