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Verizon to Launch Several 4G Tablets In Q4, Up To 5 4G-Enabled Handsets in May 2011


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Apr 12, 2008
If we compare Verizon to the other national CDMA carrier – Sprint Nextel – one would say they are far behind in the 4G game. With Sprint already acommodating 32 markets (with more planned before the close of 2010), Verizon’s plans to cover 25-30 markets with their 4G offering starting in the 4th quarter of [...]

FIVE new handsets the month? Wow. Atleast a couple are bound to have the android OS. Should I have waited before getting my droid incredible? There could still be some major phones coming out this month. The droid incredible was only announced a couple weeks before it's launch.

May 2011. If you bought Incredible now, you could early upgrade in 16 months...So you'd be behind at most by 4 months. I've early upgraded even earlier than this before. It all depends on how you can convince your sales rep.
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