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Help Verizon update 7/17 - how to disable

Hey all.

Verizon pushed out an update for the S4 on aprox. 7/17. I have my device rooted therefore when I try and install it, it fails and tries to re-download, and install again. You can see the issue, how do i make it so this download goes away?

Something I can do is revert to my stock image, but that could break the rooting process, among other things.

So, how do I disable updating, or make it so this software update doesn't show up again, EVER?

Late tonight. Too lazy to retype. Oh, yeah...highlight and copy:

The actual OTA download will be located in /cache. Delete with Root Browser or Root File Manager if present.

Freeze via Titanium Backup: FWUpgrade.apk and SDM.apk You can rename these files (*.bak), but I'm pretty sure that's not necessary,

Use Root Browser or Root File Manager to:
Rename file: /etc/security/otacerts.zip to otacerts.zip.bak
Rename file: /system/app/ wssyncmlnps.apk to wssyncmlnps.apk.bak

Then do the following:
1. Open Root Browser or Root File Manager
2. Navigate to data/fota
3. Long Press and select Permissions
4. Uncheck all boxes making it 0000

The last bit is overkill, but you can do it if the OCD kicks in.

Just Say No to root-killing updates
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Alright, Tried Jim's suggestion, just seemed easier. I set the reminder to re-install at 1:00 PM EST, so I will post back/edit when that occurs to let everyone know how it went.

Thanks all,

This did indeed work, quick and simple. I rooted but didn't know about root explorer. I could not update through ES file Explorer, so this is useful to know. Followed Jim's suggestion completely.

Note: did not try other solution, was going to go more complex the more routes I tried, luckily I did not need to do so.
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I've also been getting the annoying reminder to install the new software Everyday for about 5 days now.

The first question I have is if it is even worth installing?
I've read about people having it cause various problems but nothing really consistent.
Are there any consistent problems that this update is known to cause for people all around and in general?
And is there a list of "supposed " fixes for this update that I can review before I make my decision?

For those of you that have installed this update:
Can you confirm or deny any of the "supposed " fixes this update was supposed to address?
If you had it to do again, would you install it?
Does this actually allow apps2sd or was that just BS?

If I decide not to install this update,
is there any way that I can disable the annoying reminder that pops up each day prompting me to proceed with the install?
(I am not rooted btw, and at this point don't have plans to be in the Near Future. Might consider it later on though)
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