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via Facebook for Android

I have 2 apps on my Optimus Elite (Android phone)... one is Facebook for Android and the other is Stream for Android. I use both. The FB for Android app says via mobile when I update my status. The Stream for Android app says via Stream for Android. How can I get the FB app itself to say via Android instead of via mobile.? It's frustrating. I never use the web browser on my phone either.... so.
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i saw someone had something that said via my android phone kicks your iphones i wont say the rest but i wonder how they did that? i wanna do that too? i want mine to say something about my EVO since i pay 10 bucks a mo for it :)

Theres an app called Status Via i think that lets you select what it says from a list like "via your moms bed" etc lol and i think the pro version lets u write your own Via :thumbup:
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