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Vibration after calling a phone number

Anyone know how to find the option to stop this vibration?
It started when I upgraded to 2.1 and can't find the option to turn the it off.
I know when I'm calling someone, I don't need a vibration.

I considered that an annoyance, albeit a minor one, not long after the OTA came to my phone.

I've adapted to it as a sort of "confirmation" that the call has successfully started.

I did seek out a way to disallow it, but never found that.
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I do agree that there should be an option to disable it in case you don't want it.

Yeah, it seems like a bit of an oversight on the part of the 2.1 developers.

I'm wondering if they even considered a toggle for that feature. If not, I'd be curious as to their logic.. likely along the lines of feeling that it is a very clever feature and who would not want such a clever feature. ;)
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i think if its up to your face it wont do it. i tried this the other day. if something is in front of the proximity sensor it wont do it. someone try it, it might work. it does for me.

Good find, rick.

The feature is actually a practical one, meant to give an indication of the call starting when the user is not listening at the ear piece.
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