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Video Of Swype Beta On Eris


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Apr 12, 2008
Greg Kumparak over at MobileCrunch has put together a quick video showing Swype in action on the HTC Eris.* Swype, for those unfamiliar, lets you spell out words you want to type by using one simple fluid movement – swiping from letter to letter. When you’re done with a word, let up and move [...]

Does anyone know where I would be able to get this from and how to get it onto my Droid?

You should be able to get it from the Android Market when it is released {not sure when that is}
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This may not come to Android market...

We are glad to hear that you guys like Swype, but we are obligated to state that we don't condone such activity nor support the result. Naturally those of you asking for new languages and features should wait until we launch a device in your market. Obviously, we won't support unlicensed versions of our software.
Swype has only released its
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