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Help Video randomly pauses, camera randomly freezes


My Samsung Galaxy S2 is acting very weird lately.

Here are the symptoms I encounter:
1. Video randomly pauses - after ~20 to 30 seconds of playback, the back light turns off and immediately goes back on and resumes playback.
This is regardless where the video is stored.

2. Online videos (e.g. from youtube) randomly pauses - after ~20 to 30 seconds of playback, video is paused and streaming is also restarted.

3. Camera momentarily freezes - video display turns off and immediately goes back on as if it has recovered from an error. Same is encountered
when using the front camera.

Also, if you know the web browser 'Dolphin', it has a feature of 'Keep Screen On' that will keep the back light on even if there is no activity
on the phone. However, since my phone is acting weird lately, the backlight of my phone turns off after some time even if the 'Keep Screen On'
feature is enabled.

This gave me an impression that the problem must be somewhat related to the backlight or memory. But I am not really sure.
I tried to power off the phone, removed the battery, removed the sim, removed the SD, but the problem still persists.

This is annoying as hell because I cannot watch videos smoothly anymore and my video calls randomly stops.

Other details of my phone:
- NOT rooted
- Android version 2.3.3
- System Storage 894MB free out of 1.97GB
- USB Storage 5.66GB/ 11.5GB
- SD Card 192MB / 1.9 GB
- Ram ~400-550MB / 837MB

Can somebody provide any help or any tips in solving my problem. :(

Many thanks,


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