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Viewing rented market movies on an HDMI display shows a red "X" on screen


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Jun 14, 2010
FYI...I rented a movie just to test it. It plays great on the XOOM, I really like the interface BUT when you try HDMI out on the movie to try to watch it on a bigger screen, you just get a big red 'X' on the screen (it does play video though).

So, any thoughts of watching (or finishing) a movie that you rented on the XOOM on your HDMI equipped TV at home or at the hotel, no dice!
ckelly33 are you able to view on your tv any other app or video outside of the video app????

... btw .. people feel free to watch the google io keynotes.. they showed how to do the off line viewing there

Yes. I have been using mVideoPlayer prior to this. When playing ripped files through that program on my Xoom over HDMI, I get video and sound...no red X!

I don't know where to find the keynotes...they tell how to do a non-streaming rental? Any chance they let us in on making one play over HDMI?
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They did this to stop you from streaming it to something that can record it....

I thought I read HDMI output uses HDCP when the videos app is playing. So that wouldn't be a concern. Plus raw video over HDMI is quite large. I think 1080p is somewhere north of 3GB per second. Not entirely sure of that number. But it isn't that easy to copy that.
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