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Root [Virgin Mobile] Is there a way to use WiFi to deliver txts when I am away from service?

There are other apps that accomplish this as well - my kids have used TextPlus on their iPod Touches to text over wifi. Unfortunately, this kind of app assigns a separate "number" for texting purposes, different from your actual cell phone number. If you're willing to live with that restriction, they seem to work pretty well.
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a. google is fairly evil, probably quite worse than even aapl or msft
2. google voice is the usefullest thing since bread was first sliced
(vi. android. um. damn you, google! but at least aosp/aokp, right?)

stop giving ppl your actual #. give them the gv number. it works just fine. truth, it works better.

I haven't ported my # to gv because I fear that the cyclical black hole would do some fairly interesting things. but I also do not give ppl the phone's actual number, I only ever give the gv #. (I do get some highly interesting texts and pics from the friends of the actual-#'s former owner, tho...)

look, enum and e.164 have basically already failed as global registries (don't even get me started on sip.edu and internet2...!) which is kinda depressing given they are free and open. and literally the exact thing that is a "directory" is what our providers are charging us for.

google banged it out and it works in the real world.

just do it robot

vae victis!
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