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Vodafone Upsets HTC One and Samsung customers


Sep 28, 2010
On there Eforum (which i was Banned for speaking out on this)
They have upset HTC users and Samsung Users also Sony
So what is it well RCS (Rich Communications Suite)
What is RCS well it was launched way back in 2010 and got a :alberteinstein:
But Vodafone bought into the Idea for some reason !!
But nothing was done at this point as they were already upsetting HTC desire and Samsung Galaxy users already.
so why has it started again well
HTC one users they received a update which many thought could be 4.4.4, so they updated !
Oh how disappointed were they see
Re: Rich Communication Suite - HTC One - Page 21 - Vodafone eForum
Now 21 pages long
At the point of updating they were asked by a third party company for there mobile number
this rasied security concerns but there was no info or announcement
so Customers were left with Draining phones and a App that just didi not work
So Members like my self scrabled to the aid of these stranded users
I found out that yes it was a Third party company.
And raised this and posted info for HTC users.
when it came out from me and many others :rolleyes: what Vodafone was doing it was to late
Then they Hit the Note 3 and well it just did not work.
But before all this they had removed the Disable feature on all there apps so there was no way to Disable them.
You could stock sync but that was it.
I posted a warning on the Galaxy S5 section fearing the worst:motz:
at this point I got Banned
and gess what i was right they didroll out a update for the S5 and boy what a mess
this hit my phone Via FOTA (OTA)
You could not send a message as well it just failed, there tecnical just kept sending out the APN settings for many this was the last straw
My mate/boss got banned as well, the Forum then started to get Heavily Moded
so Clearly they were up to No Good here:mad:
At this point Vodafone started to Blame manufactures OH DEAR !!!
HTC new Nothing over this
Samsung said and i quote WHAT hang on they have just rolled out a fix rom
(Vodafone had told samsung this was a Fix rom )
But there was no fix other then the RCS.
On samsung devices they had changed the default message app some how so it used the RCS,
Samsung hit the roof over this and were not happy that there own app that had been approved by Google had been altered with out there permission.

HTC commented to me what have they done now !!! and both scrambled to see what was going on

Samsung asked for comment from Vodafone and herd Nothing so they Pulled the rom straight away, and tried to contact vodafone yet again
HTC also did the same
Samsung Tecnical did a fantastic job of coming up with a fix to roll back phones
HTC also came up with a fix Ish not easy
So what did Vodafone do
well at first put up instructions on how to stop the sync after about a week
They changed there Terms and conditions of Message+ (No fix yet)

seven days had passed on the S5 section and still nothing other then a feedback section was offered to customers
Meanwhile Samsung got intouch with android/Google to get there backing on what had happened fearing a Legal backlash.
Samsung has to get everything approved by Google so they can use the Android roms this inclouds any system apps
Manufacture Bloatware has to comply with there Third party app rules
They commented that as this was not a System app the Disable feature can not be turned off
and had not been approved by them to be a System app.
This was passed to Vodafone who at this point did communicate, but only to point samsung to the Third party that was doing the Rom's for Vodafone.
Samsung emailed a list of compliance to them, HTC also opened up a Dialog
Sony also pulled the rom and posted the work around and promised this would not happen again.

Samsung still herd nothing until they got a Rom and was asked to roll this out as a Fix again.
samsung checked the rom and Nothing had been done so they rejected it.

So at the moment Nothing is Happening
Vodafone want this to work and they have asked there customers to work togeather to make this work. Mainly so they can make money from this messages go via a third party that see's the message and probs farms info from this.
So is Vodafone working with Manufactures on this
NO all that is Happening is there passing on the feedback to the people that make the rom who then pass on the bugs to the developer team at RCS
This should of happened well before Launch

Below is how Samsung said it should of been done

1. A announcement saying that in a upcoming update that a app call RCS and Messange+ will be Launched well in advance
2. Before they roll out the App they test this to make sure it works
3. They make sure customers can disable the app if they don't like it and revert back to there stock message app

They did none of this and until they sort this out then No Vodafone roms will be rolled out

sorry for the Long post but Networks need stopping from doing this to Android
There not allowed to do this with IOS firmware
Moved to the Vodafone forum. :)

TBO, many carriers are notorious for adding bloat to their phones and slowing updates. Verizon is terrible at this but it's something I've learned to deal with via root/ROMs. However, Motorola has finally done something about it and Verizon branded Moto X's are getting updates before the unlocked ones!
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We started in the Uk to get updates before unbranded so Manufactures could control updates, which they still do the major updates
But the fix roms are being used by networks to do the bloating
this time they took things to fare :mad:
and messed up Samsungs own messenger app
and still to the date have not fixed this, as samsung is not allowing them to use this
I no longer have this issue as i have de branded my phone
with no Rooting or custom roms
It was a Tip off from Samsung
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Well After Vodafone trying to shift the Blame
Samsung stepped in and found out that in Samsungs case it was Vodafone Group that have done this, and not the UK
Answers the question as to why VF UK was so slow in finding out what had happened
There has been a further update that brings back the full Dissable app feature back and when the RCS is turned off it is turned off and not running in the back ground
As for HTC one users HTC is standing firm that its Vodafone that need to fix this
The HTC one thread on Rich Communication Suite - HTC One - Page 33 - Vodafone eForum
Is now 33 pages long and still going
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