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Voice Turn by Turn No Longer Works...Help !


May 19, 2010
Hello. I've had my Droid for about a month and the Google Voice turn by turn naviagation has worked beautifully.

Today, when I went to use it, I'm receiving directions...BUT I do not get turn by turn voice directions. The view of the map is from like an airplane, not the "over the shoulder" view like I used to get, and the voice part is totally gone (I've checked the volume and it's not that...).

I've tried powering the phone down/up, but doesn't help. I've called Verizon but they've told me they don't support this App.

Any ideas ???

Thanks in advance !
I'm assuming you mean Google Maps/Nav rather than Google Voice. I guess I'd check Settings > Location and make sure location is set to on. Enable GPS and if both of those things are already done, I'd be apt to uninstall Maps and reinstall it. There was an update a week or so ago also so if you haven't loaded it yet, you could get the benefit of some new features. If you use Appbrain, sync with it and it'll recognize the new Maps version and prompt the download.
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