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Want To Play GameBoy Advance Games on Your HTC Desire


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May 19, 2010
London, UK
play any gameboy advance games on your htc desire
A step by step guide.
1 go to the android market and download Gameboid lite (free)
2 now download a "bios" for the emulator (link removed)
3 next step go to (link removed) download the roms "games" you want
4 extract the game/rom file from the folder you downloaded using a program like "winrar" easily found on google
5 save bios and extracted games onto your memory stick, i suggest creating a new folder called GBA or something and putting them in there for convenience
6 right with all of your stuff saved onto your memory card open gameboid and firstly it will ask you to locate the bios file from your memory card, simple enough you just browse the card, next it will ask you to select the game you want to play, after done that you can take it from their you will see a settings menu you dont need to change anything
7 one exited the setting menu your free to play.

*games save
*i sugest downloading pokemon red if you used to play the pokemon games
* should work on other models i just have the desire
*game play is smooth and just as fast as it was on the gba
*download many games as the file sizes are unbelievably small

So this is the full version for free? :D

P.S Pokemon Gold is the best ;)

If you're a pokemon fan, and don't have it, there's a Pokedex app call 'Pokedroid' :D


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