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Wanted: app that can run 2.4ghz usb reciver video on the phone

i want app that can get the video for 2.4 ghz usb reciver

like this one
2.4GHz Wireless Spy Pen Camera with USB Receiver China Online Wholesale - Chinaoppo.com
the usb reciver normaly pluged into the pc, but i want to plug it into my phone , so if there is an app can do this ? and i yes im ready to pay for it
Lost in translation ;)
The Ai-Ball Motion Detection (Trek - Ai-Ball), is a wireless tracking devise via a standalone camera (as tiny as a US dime). It works with Android/iOS devices. The so-called Wireless Spy Pen Camera with USB Receiver is a USB device that works only with computers. So, @darkingdoom: you're mixing apples and oranges.

Side-note: Chinaoppo.com needs an English editor badly...
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